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Hypocrisy Indeed

August 8, 2006

by Jack Lynch

There must be great fear of David Gray in the Republican primary.  He is being maligned by any number of pro-development rabble rousers.  Apparently many of the ‘true Republicans’, those property rights radicals who supported Democrat Bruce Reeder (an actual declared Democrat) for his development beliefs, seem to think that Gray is akin to being a Democrat.  He is not. 

One of the most common things you hear referred to – an easy charge with little recourse to correct or defend, is that he is a ‘waffler’, which is a charge often leveled against national Democrats.  I have no specific example of his wavering decision making, but even if I did, I’d have to suggest that it might mean he is thoughtful about his choices in office and listens to the people.  Listening to the public is something that he is known for in office.  While the three pro-development Commissioners, ‘Heil Hitler’, for every rezoning and development plan.

Reeder charges in a Frederick News-Post letter to the editor (8/7/06) that Gray is akin to a tax and spend ‘Democrat’.  I imagine that any accountant and tax consultant understands taxes and has a clear knowledge of their effects.  And Gray certainly has it right, when he recognizes that taxes have increased because of infrastructure costs that support new development needs.

Now Frederick News-Post columnist, Roy Meachum, charges (7/30/06) that Gray is a hypocrite for having taken advantage for his property rights and subdividing his farmland into a few homesites.  Now if I understand hypocrisy, it consists of maligning another for doing exactly what you do, or believe in doing.  So isn’t it actually the other way around?  Aren’t the pro-development folks hypocritical for criticizing a candidate for using their property as they see fit?

I stand by the man’s right to use his property.  It adds to his understanding of why a farmer might sell the farm, or why a developer would want to build a subdivision.  Surely, in office, you must hope that he will at least occasionally approve some growth.  Being slow growth and concerned with infrastructure is not to be a dead zone for new development.  It would be two faced to not support his right when you’re asking for similar and broader rights for other property owners.

Roy Meachum appears to be a supporter and tool of Mike Cady.  Now I don’t know that Cady has ever owned a bit of land and sold it off for homes, so I guess that selling three home lots makes Gray a much worse blight for development than approving thousands of homes on prime farmland.






Meachum also says that he supports Representative Bartlett, who famously asked the county to allow him to tap into the new water line in order to build a senior development on his property. 

The infamous Gladhill property, claimed by Cady to be essential to the water pipeline, which is not true, was the reason to extend the New Market growth boundary and allow rezoning of the Gladhill property for more homes. 

It could actually be simple political payback.  Gladhill interests clearly supported the mysterious pig roast and developer candidate rally last month. Then fingers pointed in all directions about who hosted the event. Anytime everyone denies involvement and points fingers, you can bet something is rotten in Denmark. That’s how county politics work.