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"The Issues are...Bipartisan" .- David Gray

July 4, 2006

by Jack Lynch

Public service is a true calling, much like the ministry or the arts, especially when one has the public interests foremost in mind and wants to make a real difference because they see that a lot of harm is being done through unbridled growth policies by sitting County Commissioners.

That’s how David Gray, former Commissioner President sees the current situation in Frederick County, and a whole lot of folks are behind him, including this Democrat.

Gray has served many long years already, on both the Planning Commission and the County Commissioners Board, and was admittedly a bit reluctant to return to the fray, given the weight of the attacks and disparagement of spirit he found waiting for him in the past.  But the support of folks who have felt as he had about the direction of the current board has provided a boost, and with Gardner running, Gray had promised to follow suit and bring a needed growth issue change back to the board.

The danger right now is that the public sees the excesses of the current board and wants to throw the bums out – however, a new lineup of kinder and gentler, social issues along with growth candidates, is seeking to control the debate, and the power and money of development interests will likely be fully behind them.  The good news is that they are on record with votes on planning and zonings matters and cannot hide their records.

Unlike the last election, where candidates claimed to represent the values of good growth, while waiting to approve every possible zoning and plan that would build more homes without concern for infrastructure, as the New Market regional plan; this election is highlighted by that previous failure of the electorate and the obfuscation of the issues and the real candidate values.

In truth, the issues should always be bipartisan.  We are supposed to be able to bring some consensus and the public will to the table, by means of an honest debate, and failing that, as now, through the ballot box. With a very public showing on the hottest topic in town, perhaps this time the public will truly pay attention to reality and not be swayed by rhetoric and feel good platitudes. 

The heat is on, and a ‘virtual slate’ of good growth candidates are singing one another’s names, from across the partisan aisles, as they begin their individual electoral races.