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The Importance of Jan Gardner's Campaign .

June 28, 2006

by Jack Lynch

A great wave of relief ran through the crowd today when Jan Gardner finally announced that she was willing to serve the citizens of Frederick County for another term as a County Commissioner.  If she had capitulated to the negative impacts of public service on family and personal spirit, and the emotional burdens of her recent struggles to protect values she champions, such as school adequacy and adequate infrastructure, it could have set the upcoming election on a course to continue the types of leadership and decision making that impacts our quality of life, and raises our taxes to support unbridled development.

Now a promise to follow suit, and most importantly, bring a bipartisan effort to the fore of the debate, will bring the announcement next Monday of former Commissioner’s President David Gray to the race.  Imagine that – a seasoned, reasoned group of bipartisan candidates running hand in hand to change the course of Frederick County – it makes this old heart skip a beat, a lump rise in my throat, and my eyes tear up – there may still be a spirit of revolution and a fire of citizen revolt in Frederick County!

Together with Thompson, Floyd and Hagen, Frederick County has a slate of candidates that represent turning the tide back towards citizens interests, away from unbridled growth, and the kind of head in the sand planning for growth that have characterized every vote of the three Commissioners who have voted for every single rezoning request brought before them over four years time. 

Jan split her votes on those properties based on an evaluation of their individual merits, not a knee-jerk vote for every development request, and she is preparing to list them all and present a scorecard on those votes for a public reminder of what we’ve seen from our Commissioners over that time.

Jan is a real middle of the road Commissioner and candidate.  Growth will come, she says, we simply must slow it and manage its effects better than has been contemplated by this pro-growth Commissioner Board.  Jan points out that a lot of good things are being done in Frederick County, school improvements, new and improved libraries, and building a prosperous downtown Frederick development effort on Carroll Creek.

Education is foremost for Jan.  Teachers do the heavy lifting of educating our children, she says.  Count on her to reverse the adverse decision on school adequacy in the Land Stewards case.  Jan remains the best friend of the citizen in matters large and small.

And expect the New Market Region Plan to be reconsidered if we can elect this group of Commissioners, or at least a majority vote on the Board.  It appears highly likely that is exactly what we’ll see happen now.