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April 12, 2005

And So it Begins...

by Diana Halleman

In reading Frederick’s local paper  on April 6th, it is apparent that the local politicos are gearing up for the fall elections and trying to spin their negative “pap” into something viable to sell their candidates. 

What stands out most in my mind is the obvious fear they seem to have of the current Mayor and her success at City Hall.  It’s kind of like being a kid when your parents reprimand you – if you protest your innocence too much, they know you are lying and you’re caught in a trap of your own making. 

The nay-sayers are so desperate to regain a hold on City Hall that they will spew out any ideas that have even a shred of truth in them in the hopes that the citizens of Frederick are dumb enough to believe it. 

Rumors abound that Republicans are even willing to support a Democratic candidate in the hopes of toppling the current administration.  Sounds like an act of desperation doesn’t it?

I happen to believe that the citizens of this fair city are brighter and more articulate than some give them credit. 

I believe the citizens see through all the partisan politics and “good old boy” crap that is tossed their way and can actually ascertain what works and what will actually benefit our hometown. 

Isn’t it interesting that the newspaper April 6th had an article on budget woes at City Hall but wasn’t able to glean one constructive idea from anyone on how to resolve them (despite vociferous complaints by certain aldermen). 

I also found it interesting that, according to the News Post article, the amount of new employees working in City government now are considerably less than when Jim Grimes was Mayor (according to the graph pictured on the front page).  Shhhh….we wouldn’t want the people to actually think the Mayor was doing something right – would we?

In a perfect world, right would always triumph over wrong but then we don’t live in that perfect world.  Our city, while a wonderful place, is not inhabited by perfect people, nor run by perfect elected officials. 

I would ask that the citizens of Frederick consider this – in hindsight, everything looks better – the price of gas or bread, old friends, memories of our youth, etc.  However, when measured against today and viewed critically and objectively the present would always win hands down.  We live in the present with an eye on the future.  Looking back does not move one forward.

I suggest that folks not be swayed by promises of returning to the “good old days” of the past but consider that Frederick is growing by leaps and bounds, and in order to keep pace with that growth we need leaders with passion and vision. 

Our current Mayor, Jennifer Dougherty, is just such a leader.  All strong leaders make good decisions and bad ones.  If you haven’t failed along the way at something, then you are not really trying. 

Mayor Dougherty believes in the future of the City of Frederick.  She is passionate about its survival and growth and she believes in the people who inhabit the city. 

Has she made mistakes?  Sure.  Has she served the City well thus far and done a lot of good?  She has.  What more can you ask of anyone who serves the public?

It will be interesting in the months ahead to watch the jockeying for position in local politics and to work diligently at separating the junk from the truth.  

I hope that the citizens of our fair city can see the humor in a lot of it, find the bits of truth that emerge, and make a concerted effort as voters to ensure that our city continues moving forward and remains the wonderful place it has always been.