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March 22, 2005

Bizarro World

What does it mean when our ‘reality’ life is as upside down as reality TV and the cry of morality lacks morals in public life?  We stand at the confluence of several recent news stories. 

A woman in a vegetative state becomes a Congressional cause.  I understand the Schiavo family being torn by her state of being.  I don’t understand Mr. Frist being involved.  Does this really compare to the decisions over a fetus?  Or the right of those incapacitated and brain aware to live or die by their own choice?  Mr. Bush plays Bizarro himself on this one, the man who rained bombs, now seems to value all life to an nth degree?

The real problem with Mr. Trump’s Apprentice show challenging ‘street smarts’ against ‘college smarts’ isn’t the competition itself, but the assumption that the value of a cultural education is meaningless in the world, which is a deceit that cheats our younger folks of ambition and denies them greater success, and ultimately defames society itself. 

A good dose of the Greek classics might remind Mr. Trump of hubris, or at least fate and the uncertain favors of the gods.  He’s lived it as much as he’s succeeded on native talents.

A development attorney cries foul, that builders were being vilified.  Then those same builders attack a local environmental pundit before he leaves the room.  It goes beyond the pale, you expect that kind of behavior from a bunch of hicks, not polished business people.  We can expect more of the same if the builders don’t get their way.

How much can we expect Builders to spend electing their candidates this year?  Cady got $42,000 last round.  Loudoun spent at least $200,000 on their set of candidates.  If they can offer millions for schools and favorable results, this politics is cheap business!  And it’s a write off on taxes?

Folks in extreme western Loudoun County are considering succession over unbridled growth plans.  Catoctin County.  It could happen here, but what would we call it?  Fredertucky?

A young man’s hat creates angst and posturing for County Commissioners. 

Apparently Mr. Cady was also spotted at the Builder’s Expo at pledge time near a number of folks with hats on.  And he has his back turned when the pledge is given at Winchester Hall.  What gives, more of the smooth old repetition of various stories until one sounds like a rational truth?  But of course, by now, we’re no longer sure what he said.  First it was the hat inside the hallowed halls of the Commissioners, then it was a wrong on Cady’s part, then it was about the pledge of allegiance.  Perhaps he should recite the pledge in Spanish so as to offend everyone, and then declare himself the top cojones of the county!

They’re building a new bank over along Route 15 and the Seventh Street shopping center.  As it began going up, I drove by expecting another typical sheet metal drive-through bank, a nondescript square blot on the view, but lo and behold!  We have a fine new building, one that looks like it belongs downtown or on a sentimental Main Street in Bedford Falls.

What does it mean?  Did the bank feel it needed an image uplift, a facade of security and stability?  Can we trust a bank that thinks that way?  Aren’t they all the same now that our large local banks are gone?  Should we trust any of them?  After all, we have a similar auto lube building on the south side along Route 85. 

But I protest too much, it is a surprise and a lovely structure, and it may teach a lesson to the rest of the shopping center and Frederick  commercial development generally. 

Kudos to the architects that still value public space with a fine public facade!