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Second Anniversary of the Frederick Citizen

January 02, 2007

by Jack Lynch

Compared to last year, the second anniversary of the Frederick Citizen seems in many ways to be much more certain of showing success achieved where it really counts – at the ballot box. Yet I take little credit, except as a minor foil to some voices with too much play in the local media.  It was a groundswell of individual citizens who heeded the calls of the focused citizen groups to achieve a real change in Frederick County. 

And what a change it truly is – to hear Commissioner Gray run a pleasant meeting, and see the citizens heard and welcomed at the dais. The legislative movement of our new board is towards correcting the planning errors of the past.  And it is refreshing to hear our county citizens sounding hopeful for the future, and proud of the electoral results.  It’s almost hard to believe after those fearful days prior to the election.  Imagine the difference if we still had even one of those who lost a Commissioner seat, its palatable!

There is still an open forum here on for other writers – but few have taken the time or interest in adding their commentary here.  So my original goal of getting a stable of folks writing here is still falling short of what I intended.

There are struggles for the communities and identity of Frederick County.  I held back somewhat on getting into those battles, for they had a better place in the hands of local residents, and those groups grew up naturally, given the leadership and example of other county-wide groups who made a difference, such as Friends and FRAN.

Unlike last year’s retrospective, the feeling of a massive bipartisan coalition on issues has taken hold of Frederick County – despite the futile flailing of the Republican Central Committee against the change in the Commissioner’s Chairmanship.

As I said last year in this space, “Political fights are fights against our selves ultimately, against our friends and neighbors, and our own overall good.  We must compromise to get along and allow everyone to be a part of the club.“  I stand by that sentiment.

Hopefully, I continued to hold true to avoiding the ad hominem argument for its own sake, and criticized only when backing it with real ideas, and continued, even in judgment of my subject’s error, to hold up the good in all, even in the oft maligned Mr. Cady.  I was certainly very conscious of that effort on my part, I still believe that it mattered to the debate, and to the community.

May all my readers and friends allow my errors and omissions, as I hold theirs warrantless.  They can’t jail us all after all – we’re the people, like the Joads - we endure, we lean towards truth and justice – we certify our government and recall it when it falters in our cause.  We have done so proudly in the recent tally.



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